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Frequently Asked Questions

Where may I use meals and my flex money?

Flex money may be used at Subconnection, Jazzmans, Hocker Family Dining Hall to pay for guests, and Papa Johns on Frederica Street.

Are sick trays available?

Yes, our unit manager (William Haliburton 1 (270) 852-3281) will need to be contacted with request (Jell-o, soup, crackers, etc.) Sodexo will notify the nurse (Tonya Robinson 1 (270) 852-3288) to keep each party safe. The students card will be charged accordingly.

How do meal plans work?

When a student has one of the following semester meal plans: 7 meals(7 meals a week)/$450 flex, 12 meals(12 meals a week)/$350 flex, 14 meals(14 meals)/$200 flex, Commuter meal which has 45 meals(semester)$250 flex, the Flex 350 meal Plan(Flex money of $350), or the DCB/Flex Dollars. The flex money may be used to purchase snacks, specialty drinks at Jazzmans along with retail items in Subconnection & Simply to Go choices.

Do my unused meals rollover from semester to semester?

No, meals do not roll-over from semester to semester.

What are Flex Dollars?

Flex money is money that has been placed on the KWC Student ID Card for students to use to pay for anything outside their meal purchase. In Subconnection there is a dollar amount set for LUNCH and DINNER, if the combo meal is outside the specified amount that is when the flex money kicks in to finalize sale. Students need to keep up with their balances. If flex money can't cover purchase, the student will be responsible for using cash or credit card to make their purchase. If a student would like to purchase a specialty drink from Jazzmans, snacks, or paying for a guest, they may use their flex money.

Do flex dollars rollover from semester to semester?

Yes, Flex dollars roll over. The last day of the Spring Semester is the last day meals/flex money may be used.

Can I change my meal plan?

Please see Cashiers Office or call Stephanie Wilson at 1 (270) 852-3108.

Am I required to have a meal plan?

If you live on campus, Yes. If student commutes off campus or lives at home, no.

What if I run out of Flex Dollars?

To add more money, the student or parent of the student will need to go to the Cashiers Office to add money to their account.

Can I use my meal plan for my friend?

Students can only use flex dollars for their guests. Unless the student chooses not to eat, the student (cardholder) has to have their card and state, "My meal is for my friend." No one can use someone else's card. The KWC student handbook states, KWC IDs have to be with cardholder or they may not enter dining hall without their card.

What if I have special dietary needs?

Please contact William Haliburton, General Manager, by email or call 1 (270) 852-3280. 

What if I lose my Student ID?

Student has to report to Student Life on the first floor of the Winchester Center. Student Life Office may be reached at 1 (270) 852-3285, and speak Rebecca McQueen

Does Dining Services employ students?

Yes, Sodexo at Kentucky Wesleyan College does employee students as long as the students college courses and units' needs accommodate. The student has to be in communication with the unit so, there aren't any discrepencies with their college studies and work schedules.

In This Section
Important Info

Feel free to contact us at (270) 852-3281 or drop us a line from the feedback page.

Some Points to Remember
Flex dollars are like cash on your card that may be used at Hocker Family Dining Center, Sub Connection, Jazzman's & Papa John’s located on Frederica.  Flex Dollars roll over from winter to spring semesters, but will expire at the end of the school year. Meals on the resident Meal plans start over each week meals on the commuter plans start over at the beginning of each semester. Flex Dollars and meals not used are forfeited and non-refundable.

General Guidelines
One of our main goals is to provide a pleasant, clean, comfortable and satisfying dining experience. In order to meet this goal, we ask for your assistance with the following procedures:

  • Please bus your dishes from your table when you have finished dining.
  • Please refrain from taking food, dishes or utensils from the dining area.
  • Remember that Meal Cards are non-transferable. Meal cards cannot be used by anyone but the purchaser.

Seconds Policy
You never have to be too shy to ask for seconds with our Campus Dining Program.  Our generous policy allows for a second helping of many menu favorites.  All you have to do is ask!

Do you have particular dietary needs? 
Do you need a sick tray or have special dietary needs? Do you need a "Meal To Go"? No problem! Just let us know and we will be happy to accommodate your situation. For more information please contact a member of our Dining Services Management Team.

Lost or Stolen Meal Cards
Lose your Meal Card? In case of a missing Meal Card, please notify the Student Life Office (x 3120).

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